Spammers – part 2

Yes, I’ve covered this before – I hate spam and spammers.

On my other blog, which shall remain unnamed, I’ve always gotten a lot of spam comments. Well, to be quite honest then Akismet has been very successful in flagging 99.9% of them as spam so they don’t actually appear on the blog. But they’re in the moderation que and I’m always spending time looking through them to see if something has been flagged by mistake before I just delete everything – and I hate having to do that.

The setting for comments I’ve used for a long time is “people have to be a registered user to post comments” but those spamming cuntbags use scripts to circumvent that and inject the comments anyway. Most of it is Ugg Booths, handbags or designer clothes. Why…WHY? Fucking despicable worthless humans! I really meant what (I think) I wrote earlier – if I could I’d beat the living shit of of those spamming dirtbags – mostly to make them realize that they’re doing something very wrong…but also for my own perverse enjoyment.

Finally I’ve installed a plugin that completely disables comments. And it works. So far I’ve used it for a week and not a single comment has found its way into the blog. Yay. And it has really improved my mood too.

But isn’t it a sad thing that it’s almost impossible to run a blog without having to wade through all that trash that those idiots try to post? What if I wanted a thriving and active community? Well, that is probably never going to happen because I’d hate to deal with all that spam that I’d have to deal with.

Well, for now I’m happy I’ve finally been able to put a stop to it…I’m just a bit sorry that my blog has to be a one-directional affair without participation by people who like what I do.

…oh well. :-/


Jinteros – a word that will probably not mean a lot to most people, but it’s the term used to describe (basically) hustlers or touts on the streets of Cuba.  The word derives from the Spanish word “jinete” meaning horserider! – because they’re basically “riding the tourists” (or trying to).

I want them dead. ALL of them. STONE COLD FUCKING DEAD! ALL OF THEM!

I’ve just returned from a backpacking trip for a month on Cuba, and going there you’ll experience these guys in NO time. They’re very persistent and basically offer you all kinds of services to help you along parting with your money. They’re the worst in Havana, but Satiago de Cuba was also pretty bad. You’ll find them everywhere though – those are just the worst places.

Every 50 fucking meters (if you’re lucky, it’s that much) you’ll have people asking; “What do you want?“, “can I help you?“, “Taxi?“, “Cigars?“, “Chicas? (girls)”, or people just sticking their hand out and asking for a CUC (basically a Dollar), or the unending offers sexual offers from women (Thailand’s got nothing on these cheap whores). Every fucking day. At every street corner. Easily a 100 times a day. It might be fun the first day (might), but then you get tired of it. Pretty. Fucking. Fast.

I’m the master of ignorring annoying people, but these people really got under my skin. By the end of my trip I got more and more rude and confrontational – I was gritting my teeth and almost foaming at my mouth. I’ve also travelled in India and Cambodia – both also very poor places, but eventually, here, I felt like taking the two next ones and beating them in their heads until it was just bone against bone, and then wanting to rip their throats out with my bare teeth (thanks Roy & Mike for making –  at least – the last night a perfectly relaxed evening without (too) many annoying local elements, and a high dose of good, cultivated, intelligent and fun company). This is the worst of its kind I’ve experienced so far.

The country would be a lot more fun to travel in if it weren’t for them. They can’t help it though – they’re so poor and tourists are recognizable and easy targets. And yet – I did meet plenty of local people who weren’t that annoying (or tried that obviously to make you part with your money) – there are good people among them.

Overall I had a good trip, though, but an absence of those annoying fucks would make Cuba a whole lot more attractive for tourists, but if you know “what you get into” when going there; that might help.  ;-)

Have a great trip. ;-)

Online ads.

Advertisments. Who needs them. A single banner here and there – or sponsored results in Google- aren’t too bad, but often you open a webpage and then have ads showing up everywhere – on the top and bottom of the page – and often also on the left and right.

Worst of them are the ones that are designed to look like download links – and there’s usually a bunch of them on the same page, so when you go to download a legitimate piece of software you often have 5-6 places on the screen saying “download here”. Clearly made this way to confuse people into clicking the wrong link which will often try to download and install a toolbar or a download manager.

Or those ads that are videos that start playing automatically just as the page as has loaded. Whoever came up with that bright idea needs to die.

And then there’s the fucking fullscreen popup-ads – usually betting pages or something like that. Oh, if I could break the legs on those human pieces of shit who makes all this…I’d be exstatic.

I know that use of ads (apparently) pay for a lot of stuff like hardware, but FFS – there can’t be that many people who click ads and buy something from them? …but if there are then they’re a part of the problem, so fuck them too. ;)


Well, I don’t hate all memes, but some of them really makes me want to take a shotgun and blow peoples faces off.

One such meme is the one about redheads not having a soul. I HATE IT – I REALLY FUCKING DO (and no, it’s not because I’m a readhead – because I’m not). I can’t explain precisely why I hate it – I just do. Well, it could have something to me being attracted to most redheads girls I see ;) …but that doesn’t make sense – I like blonde girls as well, and I’m not complaining when I hear a blonde-joke.

I just think it’s a stupid meme. Some of the things that has sprung from this meme is pretty funny though – it’s so stupid it’s almost too easy to make fun of. And really – I have nothing against memes in general …some of them are actually quite funny or cute. But this one isn’t – it’s just annoying. If I had a time machine I’d go back 10 years and kill Trey Parker and Matt Stone for coming up with it (or providing the platform for it – the meme originated on South Park). Hey, and then we wouldn’t have South Park either. Win win. ;)

(and the particular genius who came up with the picture below exhibits signs of something else I also hate – the fucking inability‎ to spell or know what words mean – go back to school you fucking cunt…and tell them to teach you the difference between “your” and “you’re”).


Noisy neighbours

Although you’re going to see many complaints about things relating to Facebook there will naturally be some that aren’t. Noisy neighbours is one of them.

I wonder what my downstairs neighbours thinks of me – my floors squeek as hell when I walk around my apartment and I have no idea if that sound is audible down there – and I usually don’t go to bed until between 01 and 03 so it’s not unthinkable that they’d find that annoying when they’re trying to sleep. Nothing I can do about it anyway. Besides, they can consider it payback for the noises they’re generating when they’re having bunnysex – they’re both insanely loud. Even the guy makes some goofy sounds.

No, even worse than them is my upstairs neighbour. He’s not right in the head and not at all considerate of his neighbours.

A while back there were someone living close by with a small baby…I’m not exactly sure where – it may have been above him as I could faintly hear the baby crying sometimes, but anyway – it bothered him a lot when the baby was crying and he was trying to sleep. So he would let the parents know of his annoyance by banging of the pipes for the heating with something metallic.

in the middle of the night. Waking everyone else who shares the same pipes (5-10 households). But apparently that didn’t seem to bother him as long as he could bang on the pipes and feel better about it. Probably frustrating the parents more than anyone as babies doesn’t think “Oh, he’s banging on the pipes again. I’d better stop crying“.

I haven’t heard that baby for a while now…not that it’s gotten better though – the problem has just been replaced by an even worse one.

He seems to have developed a severe case of paranoia (scary as we’re the same age) and be basically thinks that he’s under surveillance by The Danish Security and Intelligence Service and the Freemason’s lodge 24/7 (he’s told me so – except he believes it’s really happening). “Apparently he wrote a critical article once” about….something, and now believes that those two organisations has teamed up to destroy his life by making sure he doesn’t get any sleep by beaming sounds into his apartment (okay – that’s my wording; he said “making sounds appear”) at all times of the day to keep him from sleeping. There are more details but they’re not really relevant.

What IS relevant is how he deals with it…

He stomps around his apartment and screams and shouts in the middle of the night – usually between 02 and 05 (which is REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING). He goes from room to room and shouts at the top of his lungs in all of them – sometimes in the stairwell too. He shouts and screams things like “leave me alone“, “I haven’t done anything“, “what a waste of resources“, “this has to stop“, “traitors” and other things like that. He also hits walls, doorframes, tables and whatever is near, so it’s A LOT of noise that affects everyone in the apartments near him. Again, in the middle of the night. Probably me the most, as I get all of his stomping around up there too. this usually goes on for at least an hour. He probably falls sleep in the end due to exhaustion.

Once, around 04 am , I’d had enough and banged 5-6 times against my ceiling with a broom while he was at it, which promptly resulted in him screaming “and you, you fucking asshole, you just shut up“.

The “funny” thing is that this has been going on for 1½ year now and not once has anyone else banged on the pipes to quiet him.

…I know he’s ill and should get some help – I’m sure he’ll be fine with the right medication, but I’m ready for a white van to come and drag that annoying moron off to a padded cell.



This had to be among the first posts. Spam – who needs it…and who needs the spammers.

This bucket of hate goes out to all those fools who;

  • send out the “you’ve won/inherited a gazillion dollars” type mails.
  • those people who makes the scripts that try to fill up forums and blogs with garbage posts – usually login in as user “buy ugg boots” or something like that.
  • …ahh, shit – you know who I mean – spammers.

What good does those people do? NONE AT ALL. No one likes spam EVER – it bothers people and costs millions in workhours and money to try to combat it…and I hate them for it.

All those cunting spammers may be doing good somewhere else, but that doesn’t matter when they also engage in this mindless pursuit of annoying and – if they can – exploiting of other people.

Put very simply: I want them dead. Well, perhaps that’s a bit harsh…to start off with anyway. We could start by finding out who they are, then go to their houses and break….oh, about half the bones in their sorry bodies. Yeah, that should do – every single bone in their arms and legs…and half of their ribs too. Then tell them exactly why it’s happening and that if they resume spamming again when they get out of the hospital then they’ll get another visit.

Violent? Yes, but the solution is very simple: Stop doing that thing you’re doing that everyone hates – they you’ll be fine.

Spamming is completely unnecessary and annoying and I wouldn’t respect anyone I knew if they were doing that. But those sad sorry annoying cunts probably doesn’t have any friends to begin with. Anyway, knowingly annoying people and ignoring their wishes for your own financial gain, is a sign of a psychopathic behaviour…and nothing will help matters like that except repeated beatings…or a padded cell…but the violent solution is infinitely more satisfying.

Yeah, so perhaps it really IS better to just kill them straight away. George Carlin had this to say about drugdealers and their bankers – and that can easily be applied to spammers as well – ie: when you start killing spammers then perhaps the rest of them will get the message and stop what they’re doing pretty fucking fast.

Death penalty doesn’t mean anything unless you use it on people who are afraid to die. Like… the bankers who launder the drug money. Forget the dealers, you want to slow down that drug traffic, you got to start executing a few of these fucking bankers. White, middle class Republican bankers.

And I’m not talking about soft, American executions, like lethal injection. I’m talking about fucking crucifixion folks! Let’s bring back crucifixions. A form of capital punishment the Christians and Jews of America can really appreciate. And I’d go a little further, I’d crucify people upside-down. Like Saint Peter, feet up, head down. And naked. I’d have naked upside-down crucifixions on TV once a week at halftime on the Monday Night Football game! Halftime! Monday Night! The Monday Night Crucifixions! You’d have people tuning in, don’t even care about Football! Wouldn’t you like to hear Dan Dierdorf explain why the nails have to go in at a certain angle? And I’ll guarantee you one thing. You start execut- you start nailing one white banker per week to a big wooden cross, you’re going to see that drug traffic begin to slow down pretty fucking quick. Pretty fucking quick- you won’t even be able to buy drugs in schools and prisons anymore!

Spammers? …fuck those cunts.



I’m casting the net wide with my first post. Y’know – just to piss off as many people at once as possible.

Selfies – I FUCKING HATE THEM. They’ve been around for ages and used on every social platform under the sun ever since, but these days I usually see them mostly on Facebook. A lot. And half of the sorry cunts who take the pictures don’t even smile. What’s the point – don’t you have any fucking friends who can take a picture of you? …are you really so sad you have to take pictures of yourself in solitary? …and do you really think we care?

I’ve hated selfies before they were called “selfies” – and now the damn word has even even chosen as “word of the year” by the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. What fucking sellouts – I thought Oxford Dictionary was a serious institution…not a bunch of idiots pandering to stupid shit like this

I found this snippet on Wikipedia;

…writer Kate Losse recounts that between 2006 and 2009 (when Facebook became more popular than MySpace), the “MySpace pic” (typically “an amateurish, flash-blinded self-portrait, often taken in front of a bathroom mirror”) became an indication of bad taste for users of the newer Facebook social network.

The pictures may have gotten better, but unfortunately they’re still there – and what I take from this quote is; “Selfies are an indication of bad taste“. It’s written on the Internet, so I take that as the truth. ;)

So, to sum it up: I hate selfies. If you take selfies you’re adding to the global problem and that makes you a stupid cunt.

Sarcasm. Dripping.

About, I hate…

“I don’t have pet peeves – I have major psychotic fucking hatreds.”                                                            - George Carlin.

Okay, I’ve thought about this long enough…

Sometimes it seems like the condition for being on the Internet is that you’re a moron. Well, sometimes…and not everyone is annoying (although it sometimes seems like it) so don’t get your panties in a bunch – I may not necessarily be talking about you, okay?


…and to be quite honest – it’s got nothing to do with the Internet…there are plenty of morons out there who you meet in that …strange…offline world too. Well, here’s what I think about them: fuck them!

The point here is: I get annoyed a lot. And I always say “I could go on forever“, so I intend to blog about it as much as possible here. Hopefully with (at least) one post a day. And who knows – perhaps I’ll even get through my list in my remaining (estimated, hopefully) fifty years of living.

Some entries may be short, some long, some may be fun and many you’ll probably recognise yourself…and some of them will most likely make you think I’m a cunt. But hey – it’s my blog. :p